Installation of Class A Chimney with a Tee

An installation with a double wall Tee connection is an installation that goes horizontally through a wall then turns up vertically.  This is made possible with the use of the following parts of a double wall chimney.

The diagram to the right is your typical Tee installation.  This requires the double wall pipe to pass through a wall then into a Tee section to make the class A chimney vent vertically.

To be able to transition from the single wall black stove pipe from the stove into the Class A chimney double wall pipe you need a Stove Pipe Adaptor.  This adapter will not only give you a transition to single wall it also gives the double wall pipe a nice clean finish look.

Then the double wall pipe passes through a wall firestop.  The horizontal double wall chimney pipe then locks into the Tee.

This Tee is supported by a Tee Support.  Then on top of the double wall tee, you can install lengths of the factory built chimney to the required height.  The lengths of the Class A chimney pipe will need wall straps securing the double wall pipe to the house.

Once the Class A chimney double wall pipe extends above the roof you may need to use a roof brace.  This secures the factory built chimney to the roof.  Then to finish off the Class A Chimney installation with a tee, you need to install one type of Class A rain caps on top of the factory built chimney.

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