Chimney Liner to Class A Chimney

Is your chimney too short?  Maybe you also have a stainless steel liner installed?  Or your chimney needs to be rebuilt and have a chimney liner installed.  One of the easiest way to do this is with a transition anchor plate.

This is an anchor plate but also has a liner coupler on the bottom.  Many times people install an insulated chimney liner for a wood stove but there is a severe down draft.  To eliminate this problem, raise the height of the chimney with a metal factory built chimney and a transition anchor plate.

Or you may have torn down the chimney to the attic floor and need to install a chimney liner for the masonry part but also need to rebuild the chimney.  Instead of the labor intensive work of laying the chimney block, use the Class A Chimney pipe.

Transition Anchor Plate for a Fireplace

This is an example of the transition anchor plate used for a fireplace.  This allows you to use a factory built chimney off of the masonry.  This allows for bends in the chimney to go around rafters or other obstacles in the home.

Because there are so many sizes and different requests, each one is made to order.  Call us today to talk to a professional and get your chimney safely installed.

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