Installation of Class A Chimney Through the House

Sometimes you need to install a new Class A chimney in the middle of your home.  Let’s review what parts you will need to install a factory built chimney.

Starting from the top of the stove working our way up to the top of the double wall chimney you will need various components.  First you need black stove pipe to go to the ceiling support.  To transfer from the single wall black stove pipe to the Class A chimney you use a single wall adapter.

To support the weight of the chimney, install a Ceiling Support on a flat ceiling.

If your Class A Chimney passes through another living space, such as a bedroom or a closet, you will need to enclose the chimney inside a framed out chase.  You will also need a fire stop on the top an the bottom of the chase where it passes through the floor and ceiling.

When the factory built chimney pass into the attic, there needs to be proper clearances between the insulation and the pipe, this is a problem especially if it is blown in insulation.  The attic shield maintains the proper clearances.

Then cut a hole in the roof and maintain at least 2″ clearances on all sides around the double wall chimney pipe.

To prevent the water leaking into the attic, depending on the pitch of the roof, select the proper roof flashing.  Above the roof flashing install a storm collar tightly around the factory built chimney pipe and seal it with silicone.

Make sure the double wall chimney pipe extends out of the roof according to code to ensure a strong draft.  If the chimney is more than five feet out of the roof, stabilize the Class A chimney pipe with roof brackets.  Then finish the top of the factory built chimney with a rain cap.

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