Class A in a Chase

Sometimes people do not like the appearance of a Class A chimney on the outside of their home.  It is very common is to build a wooden chase around the factory built chimney.  This way you can use whatever material you would like to finish off the chase.  You can use cultured stone, stucco, siding or another suitable material that matches your home.

An example of a chase around a Class A Chimney with matching siding.

Wooden chase with cultured stone installed only from the roof up. This still needs a chase cover.

To finish off the top of the chase cover a stainless steel chase cover is needed with a storm collar.  Every stainless steel chase cover is custom made.  Call and order one from a reliable chimney supply company.

Wooden chase with cultured brick, a stainless steel chase cover and storm collar installed.

It is always a good idea to insulate the chase.  Also, as always, make sure inside the chase you maintain your clearances to combustibles using the proper wall straps.

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