What is Class A Chimney Pipe?

Simply put a Class A Chimney is a double wall stainless steel pipe.  It consists of 2 layers of stainless steel with 1″ of insulation in between the inner and out pipe.  The outer pipe is 2″ larger than the inner diameter.  It is a factory built chimney.  When it arrives at your door, it is ready to install.

What can be vented into a Class A Chimney?

A Factory built chimney can vent coal, wood, pellet, oil and non-condensing gas appliances.  The inner alloy of stainless steel can be different for different fuels.  304L is for wood only.  316L is for everything.

Can I just use black stove pipe as my chimney?

No.  Black stove pipe is to be used only as connecting pipe between the appliance and the chimney.  It requires a minimum of 18″ to combustibles.  It cannot be used as a chimney.

Can I reline my current chimney with Class A?

No.  This pipe is a chimney in itself.  It is not designed to be installed another chimney.  You can however use Class A chimney pipe to extend your current masonry chimney.  To do this you will need a transition plate.

If you want to reline your current chimney, use a stainless steel chimney liner.

What are the minimum clearances to wood for a factory built chimney?

The closest you can get a factory built chimney to combustibles is 2″.

Do you make 45 or 90 degree elbows?

They do not exist.  For safety reasons, the maximum angle allowed is 30 degrees.  You cannot combine any elbows to make an angle greater than 30 degrees at any time.

Do I have to build a chase around the Class A chimney?

It is required to have a chase, a framed in structure, around the chimney only when it is in a living area.  Such as a bedroom or a closet.  If there is ever the possibility of any object leaning up against the chimney, it needs a chase built around it.  If it is outside, generally it is not required.  You will have to check with local building codes.

Will my Class A pipe rust, since it is outside?

No.  The outside layer of the double wall pipe is also stainless steel.  It will not get rust on it and deteriorate.

I already have an existing masonry chimney, what can I do to make it safe?

To make a masonry chimney and your family safe, you will need to install stainless steel chimney liner.  This air tight stainless steel pipe will safely contain all the harmful gases and even a chimney fire inside the chimney liner.  This will keep you and your home safe for a lifetime!


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